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UvA Bridge is a platform for and about UvA alumni. Stay informed about news, events and educational opportunities. Or share your knowledge and experience. Expand your network and keep in touch with former fellow students. Find help with your transition to the job market or help graduates, for example as a mentor. Discover how the UvA enriches society and how you can contribute as a sponsor, donor, partner or volunteer. Everything for alumni on one platform.



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Transition from studying to working - with alumni 
The transition from studying to employment is an important phase in life. It is good to be able to turn to former students who have already taken this step. UvA's Career Services can also help you with this. Are you looking for support for a research project or study trip, for work experience? Thanks to alumni, we can help. Have you graduated already? Share your experiences with new graduates, for example as a mentor intern supervisor. Or coach a starting entrepreneur. As an alumnus, it also gives you a lot of satisfaction to contribute to scholarships and awards that stimulate young talent. 

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Keep learning and share your knowledge 
Under the influence of ever faster developments, work is regularly subject to new requirements. Jobs change. New jobs are created while others disappear. It is therefore important to continue to develop yourself, also after graduating. This is supported by the UvA. For example, by following training programmes or attending meetings. You can also come and share your own knowledge and experience, and connect your expertise with that of other UvA alumni, students and lecturers. This way, you help others with their development, while strengthening your network. 

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Alumni work together with the UvA 
The UvA has over 200,000 alumni. They represent the relevance of the UvA to society to a large extent. Yesterday's students are now entrepreneurs and researchers, innovators and carers, employees of private and public organisations, and people who are self-employed. With their knowledge, networks and organisations, they help build bridges between the UvA and society. They also contribute financially to the ambitions of the UvA - in the broader social interest. Discover how you, as an alumnus, can also contribute to the value of the UvA to society.  

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